This is a fully remote contract-to-hire position with the opportunity to become a part-time or full-time employee following a short contract period.

EdConnective's mission is to transform education from the bottom up. We strongly believe that teachers and school leaders are the core technology in every classroom, and by helping them move from good to great, we can help ensure every student has access to a highly effective teacher. We are currently looking for a motivated Strategic Assistant to the CEO to be a force multiplier on our team.

Why You'll Love EdConnective...

  • We Make A Difference - our partnerships directly impact both teacher and student outcomes and our inboxes are full of stories of this transformational education impact. 

  • We Work With The Best - Our mentors have built huge companies in the education space.

  • More Tech, More Support - We use cutting-edge technology to allow our team to spend less time on menial tasks and more time on strategy and selling.

  • Flexibility & Balance - flexible business hours with limited travel.

  • Employee Benefits - Competitive base salary along with health, vision, dental and other benefits.

  • We Care About Growth - Our entire team shares a growth mindset, and the ideal hire for this position will too. There is tremendous growth potential within the company, and we offer a variety of training and individual-focused development plans to help you meet your goals.

What You'll Love To Do

  • Increase CEO Capacity 

    • Proactively manage an active calendar of appointments (business and personal)

    • Audit the prioritization of scheduled events and tasks to make the CEO's daily and weekly workflow more efficient and productive

    • Organize and plan business and personal events, staff appreciation functions, and other initiatives including PR and networking 

    • Develop a system for managing the CEO's inbox

  • Strategic Leadership & Execution

    • Collaborate closely with the CEO & leadership team around company goals related to growth, product development, technology development, customer success, and team culture among other priorities

    • Ensure regular touch points and follow-up communication with valued accounts, investors, and contacts

    • Act as a public-facing representative where appropriate

    • Arranging complex and detailed business and personal travel plans, itineraries and agendas

    • Research challenging problems and find compelling solutions to present recommendations

    • Ability to conduct research and present data in a succinct and well-written manner.

    • Communicate on behalf of the CEO to teammates, investors, contractors, and consultants. Dexterity in composing precise correspondence as well as editing and proofreading of drafted correspondence

  • Administrative Business & Personal Tasks

    • Reviewing, scanning, and processing mail

    • Completing financial requests including depositing physical checks, preparing reports, and liaising with our accounting teams

    • Ensuring routine maintenance of home and vehicles

    • Ad hoc virtual shopping and errands - bills payable, groceries, office supplies, personal appointments, and travel arrangements

  • On-call in case of emergencies or a quick turnaround with the capacity for occasional weekend hours and nights

Desired Qualifications

  • Professional - a strategic partner that is discerning, competent, respectful, gracious, and maintains strict confidentiality

  • Driver - takes initiative and are a catalyst for growth and change. Makes things happen without being asked.

  • Challenges the CEO's Thinking - Bring new perspectives to the table to force consideration from all angles

  • Growth Mindset - Maintain a powerful growth mindset. Fast-paced, intense and equipped with the mindset to “figure out” a wide variety of tasks/problems. Highly responsive to challenges, the needs of the team, and the changes in our organization and industry.

  • Strategic Thinker and Creative Problem Solver – Understands how to assess current needs, evaluate all options while taking into account historic data and future goals, and how to ask the right questions to get results. Tackles problems from multiple angles, finds a solution, and then closes the loop.

  • Resourceful – No problem is too big or task too small. An active steward of company resources. 

  • Nuanced Communicator - Communicates on behalf of the CEO through memos, emails, social media, meetings, and more. Ability to synthesize ideas and vision, and to communicate them to the organization in such a way that inspires action. 

  • Life Long Learner - Contains a thirst for knowledge and natural curiosity; jack of all trades 

  • Humility - humility is paramount in this influential leadership role

  • Anticipatory approach - you don't solve problems, you prevent them

  • Organizational Skills - Ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail

  • Leverages Technology - Highly Proficient in GSuite, Excel, and other widely used software; Salesforce a plus. Ability and willingness to quickly learn new software and incorporate it into workflows to increase efficiency. 

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