Virtual Instructional Coach

EdConnective’s mission is to ensure student success through transformative teacher and leadership training. We believe that "School 1.0" is where every student has a teacher, but that "School 2.0" is where every teacher and school leader has support from a high-quality and effective coach. Are you that coach?

Our coaching partnerships are centered around students, with goals that focus on student outcomes first and foremost. We believe good coaching should be data-driven and practice-based.

Currently, we are in search of individuals with school leadership experience to provide executive coaching to school leaders, including principals, building administrators, district administrators, and instructional coaches. In addition to being able to coach teachers, we are looking for applicants who would be able to coach instructional coaches and K-12 Leaders, as well as partnerships that are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About the Position

EdConnective coaches are experienced classroom teachers and K-12 Leaders with the ability to communicate actionable strategies for growth while building positive rapport with partner schools and districts. Coaches observe classrooms and meet virtually with participants from across the country. We support our coaches with coaching and in-depth development.

Our coaching partnerships involve short, intensive partnerships where coaches observe and meet with participants virtually and focus on growth in student outcomes. Our multivariable, weighted algorithm leverages a constellation of data points that we collect from instructional coaches and participants to produce optimal matches that are positioned to maximize participant improvement and fit.

Once matched, coaches are responsible for facilitating a 30-minute Intro Session with participants to get to know each other, understand the participants’ context, agree on coaching logistics, and determine the participants’ goals for the partnership. Each week, participants will provide an artifact, which may range from a recording of an individual coaching session to a staff meeting they facilitated, to a weekly reflection journal. This is followed by a 30-minute coaching meeting in which the coach provides a “glow” area to celebrate, a “grow” with specific strategies for improvement, and opportunities to practice right there in the meeting.

Typical coaching partnerships involve 8 meetings and last 8-14 weeks. Each partnership usually involves 1-2 hours of work per week.

Currently, we are only seeking coaches with the capacity to take on 8-15 partnerships or more at a time. This commitment is approximately 12-18+ hours of work per week. As our work is dependent on the demand of our clients, we cannot guarantee you a minimum number of hours at any given time. In addition to lighter summers, there also might be times when you are not executing any coaching.

Because our development and support process is fairly extensive, we are seeking coaches who have the ability to make a 2-year commitment to this role. All of our coaches are also coached on their coaching and receive support with questions or challenges that may come up in their coaching partnerships. While we do encourage coaches to draw on their wealth of experience as educators, coaches, or in other roles in education, we expect coaches to use the EdConnective model of coaching, which is student-centered, data-driven, practice-oriented, and coach-directed.

Contractor Requirements for our Partnerships

  • At least 5 years of classroom teaching experience in PreK - 6

  • Knowledge and expertise in the Science of Reading practices, curriculum, and integration

  • Ability to take on 8-15 partnerships at a time, which could be 12-18+ hours of work per week (typically September - May); we will consider coaches who can take on less if they meet the experience on our highest needs list below

  • Ability to make a 2-year commitment to this position

  • Demonstrated effectiveness as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and/or K-12 leader in improving student outcomes

  • Ability to determine and communicate specific classroom and coaching strategies to help teachers and K-12 Leaders respectfully grow and see improvement in their student outcomes

  • Experience teaching and leading diverse student populations, including students living in poverty

  • Ability to quickly build relationships and rapport with diverse adult learners

  • Qualities should include direct and friendly communication, good organization, problem-solving ability, ability to meet deadlines, and flexibility

  • Quickly responds to communication by email and the ability to regularly update data in the project management system

  • Openness to feedback

  • An education-related Master’s Degree or higher is preferred

  • Previous instructional coaching experience preferred

  • Bilingual is a plus (especially in Spanish)

  • LETRS training is a plus

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Availability & Requirements

Our ideal candidate would be able to take on 10-15 teacher partnerships at one time, which is approximately 15 - 25 hours of work per week. However, we will consider candidates who cannot meet this expectation if they have experience in one of our highest needs areas. How many teacher partnerships can you take one at one time and how many hours do you have available per week to work this part time job?
Do you have the capacity to make a 2 year commitment to this role?
Our engagements are typically structured into 8 sessions and, on average, require 12 hours of a coach's time to complete. What is the total payment *per engagement* that you would require to seriously consider this opportunity?
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